Paranoid, Pathetic, Miserable…Contemptible Israel: Oppressor robbing Oppressed

It’s beyond shameful! It’s an international crime of highway robbery. At the very least it’s Robbery in the First Degree! Israel commits every sin unimaginable to the Palestinians…and gets away with it!


Thank you for the mugshot, Mr. DeNiro. Will you ever admit Israel is an existing apartheid parasite?

Comparably Palestine is a rape victim, raped again and again…and again in a court of law, i.e. the UN, while jurors, i.e. the international community, debate on whether or not to convict the incontestable rapist, Israel.

Geeeeez… people, what will it take for common sense and righteous outrage to finally reign?MoneytoIsraelfromUS

Activists for Palestine have mostly been aware of Israel’s blatant withholding of funds and donations specifically due to Palestine probably for decades, but what to do about it?! Since the UN has proven quite useless in standing up to Israel’s glaring criminal behavior towards Palestine, and the international community invariably turns a blind eye, and then there’s the US, catering to Israel’s every whim, similar to a parent indulging a spoiled, troublesome child, and couldn’t care less about Palestinians.

Palestine, oppressed, is standing up to Israel, oppressor!

Calls for Investigation into $8bn Stolen by Israel from Palestinian Workers 

Apr 12 2016


Now keep in mind that Israel is the 72nd member country of the total 187 member countries currently in the ILO. Isn’t that a hoot…LOL…and, as we all know, Israel is a member state of the UN.

Israel must be the synonym for HYPOCRISY.

“The Palestinian Minister of Labour Mamoun Abu Shahla has called on the International Labour Organisation to send a fact-finding delegation, including accountants and lawyers, to investigate the records of the Israeli Ministry of Finance to accurately estimate the amount due to Palestinian workers.

In a speech during the 43rd session of the Arab Labour Organisation (ALO) held in Cairo, Abu Shahla estimated the outstanding amount due to the workers to be $8 billion.

He called on ALO and those who participated in the conference to take action to achieve the Palestinians’ demands; including re-gaining workers’ rights in Israel. He added that Israel refuses to pay the Palestinian or to solve the problems of poverty and unemployment.

Abu Shahla stressed on the need to offer $200 million in financial support to the Employment Fund in the first year, or $1 billion in three years, noting that there are 320,000 Palestinians living below the poverty line, and 300,000 unemployed youths.

He stressed the importance of making a decision to arrange an international conference for the donors, which would mainly target the Arab world, to provide the required support as soon as possible.”


A billboard sign that reads “We give Israel $10 million per day! That money could send our kids to college” can be seen on northbound 680 in Walnut Creek, Calif., on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016. “If Americans Knew,” a San Diego-based group paid $5,000 for the billboard. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)


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